The Evolution of My Table

It's been 9 months since I attended an event for a first time to sell my products (Kitacon 2016). Now, let's take a look at how it all started:

As can be seen above, my first representation wasn't that appealing but at least all the products were there. Such thing as a table cloth hadn't even crossed my mind and so I ended up using a blanket that I had taken with me to keep myself warm. On that day, I only had two t-shirts on sale (and sold neither of them).

Let's move on to my second event (Kokkocon 2016). Here I also want to remind myself and all you people out there how all my products used to fit into my suitcase. Good times, good times.

My table was still a big mess though. At this event the table was too big for my blanket as a table cloth so I decided to not use it at all. However, at this event I had more t-shirts with me and I remember how this time I started actually selling them.

Now we are at my 5th event (Arctic Market Days). I didn't manage to find any pictures of the 3rd and 4th event I attended but they both were held before Christmas in 2016.

The improvement of the representation is pretty obvious: The t-shirts have a rack and are neatly hanging there and not laying on the table. The cards have moved into little baskets and are not laying on the table. The magnets are sticking on metal plates and not laying on the table. For the first time there seems to be some discipline being practiced there.


The next step I took was to start putting the products in thin, transparent plastic pockets. This really boosted their appearance. The cards also got small envelopes to go with them in the packages.

The key chains got a little stand where they could all be easily observed. This way they took less space on my table too, which is always a plus!

The latest improvement I have made on my table has been to get rid of the three little baskets for cards and replace them with one simple plate holder (as seen in the pictures above). In addition, I've gotten an actual table cloth so that I'm not using a bed sheet anymore (I used to use it as a replacement for a table cloth for almost half a year).

Finally, I'm presenting a picture of my table at the latest event I attended (Desucon 2017, the 9th event for me) to show myself and all you people out there the point we're standing at the moment. Of course, I must not forget to mention that the amount of products I carry with me has doubled and as long as I don't get a personal assistant or a car, there's no way I can take any more products with me to the events these days. Luckily, this amount has been enough... so far.

Article by jasu

About the Artist I’m Jasmine Hintsala, commonly known as Jasu, and on this website you can see the results of my creation. As long as I can remember I’ve always loved drawing, my mom would even say that I was holding a pen in my hand already when I was born. From a little child to this day I’ve enjoyed making my artworks very detailed. Around the age of 16 I found watercolors and started experimenting with different styles of coloring.

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