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About time I gave you an update on this…!

It's Sebastian work-in-progress update, of course! As you might know, I haven't had time to work on the illustrations as much as I thought I would, but slowly and steadily there has been some progress there too. I'm offering you all the sneak peeks I could find, being careful not to reveal too much. I only have 8 illustrations left…read more
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A Song to the Moon – Commission Progress

One of the most pleasant commissions I've ever received! Honestly, I've enjoyed every single commission I've had a chance to create so far, but the subject of this particular painting was something that I can imagine myself painting just for the fun of it. The instructions I got from the client for this painting were: wolf, forest, full moon, blue…read more
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It’s the first time we get to see Sebastian’s Mom!

I'm not even sure why I'm so excited about it. Must be because moms are amazing. Sebastian's story will definitely not be the last story I create where the role (and the importance) of a mother is on the spotlight. Now I'm officially too tempted to talk about the story plot and need to change the subject. Let's talk about…read more
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Character Design – Commission Progress

Here you can find work-in progress pictures of a commission I finished a few weeks ago. This time my job was to design a character according to the client's wishes. In the pictures below you find the first sketches I made based on the description of the character. I kept making changes on the appearance of the character until the…read more
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Wedding Portrait – Commission Progress

Here are some work-in-progress pictures of a commission I finished a few weeks ago. This time it was something I've never done before: a painting of a wedding picture. I liked the warm sunshine and peaceful feeling in the reference photo and the only things I made differently for the painting were the background which I "cleaned" and cleared to…read more
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Watercolor Portrait – Commission Progress

Every time I have a photo reference for my commission my goal is to get the artwork resemble the original picture as much as possible. With this particular commission the client wanted to be painted into "my world". Thus I made the face according to the reference photo and then changed the background and surroundings of the lady. In the…read more
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The Birth of a Will – Commission Progress

Before Christmas I received a commission of an A1 sized watercolor painting. The client wanted to have a front view of the head of a stag and a transformation effect I often use on my paintings, meaning that the living creatures smoothly transfor into water, plants or other elements. That was basically all the instructions I got and the rest…read more
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We’re Over Halfway There!

Over half of the illustrations for the story of Sebastian are done! I'm getting to my favorite part of the story and my goal still is to get all the remaining illustrations done before the end of this year. Here are some work-in-progress sneak peeks for you, enjoy!   I want the illustrations to reflect the mood of the story-line.…read more