The Creation of the Calendar Illustrations

To make life easier for all of us, I decided to put all the calendar illustration work-in-progress picture into the same blog post. These illustrations were a lot of fun for me to paint, especially for the reason that they were very simple (considering my usual creations).  Finishing one of these illustrations took me approximately 4-7 hours. Sometimes, being done…read more
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More Official View on Tracon

Even after starting "My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary", I decided to keep making these traditional blog posts every now and then to give you people a "more official" view on things, since the comic diary tends to be not-too-serious kind, offering my own artistic view on things. So, today I kindly present you: Tracon, 8.-10.8.2017 Above a couple of…read more
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A Song to the Moon – Commission Progress

One of the most pleasant commissions I've ever received! Honestly, I've enjoyed every single commission I've had a chance to create so far, but the subject of this particular painting was something that I can imagine myself painting just for the fun of it. The instructions I got from the client for this painting were: wolf, forest, full moon, blue…read more
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It’s the first time we get to see Sebastian’s Mom!

I'm not even sure why I'm so excited about it. Must be because moms are amazing. Sebastian's story will definitely not be the last story I create where the role (and the importance) of a mother is on the spotlight. Now I'm officially too tempted to talk about the story plot and need to change the subject. Let's talk about…read more